Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beyond earth hour

Earth Hour - 2012

Earth Hour, marking the fourth year of its journey in India this year, once again united the country for one hour, as Indians from various cities switched off lights at 8:30 pm. Earth Hour is WWF’s largest environmental campaign empowering individuals organizations, institutions and governments to fight against climate change observed on last Saturday in month of March.
Earth Hour 2012 aimed to inspire citizens to take action for cities by switching off lights to make their city the Earth Hour Champion. Whichever city received maximum participation from its citizens, organizations, institutions and government would be declared the Earth Hour Champion. That city will set an example of exemplary achievement and the power of individual action behind a common cause.
In its fourth year, the initiative was voluntarilly supported by Green Brigade, Hyderabad at Necklace Road. Eight volunteers participated for this cause being part of Laxman Rekha Team and Substation Control Team. Task of Laxman Rekha Team was to guide people and secure the dignitaries present at venue when lights were turned off. And Substation Control team had task of switching off the lights at Buddha Statue sharp at 8:30 pm. Associates who could not make themselves to the venue supported the cause by switching off the lights at their home locations.
Though we were not directly involved in spreading awareness for real cause of Earth Hour.
But the participation has ignited us to go beyond those 60 minutes adopting the guidelines of saving energy:
  • Adopting an ecofriendly lifestyle
  • Using recycled products
  • Using public transport
  • Planting more and protecting the one which we have
  • Using only energy efficient products

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