Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Go Green Ideas.

Asked about any alternatives which can be useful in our daily life to Go Green? We have the ideas:
  • If we find any water is getting wasted we should raise the issue with concern persons or ourselves can take responsibility to stop the wastage of water. Like tank overflowing no one is around or public tap is leak and no one taking care etc.
  • Reduce the A/C usage in days .
  • Have a cover in your bag during outings. So that u can dispose tea cups n other junk in it and later as a whole throw it in a dustbin rather than spilling them on roads 
  • Use your electronic gadgets on requirement only. For example, you can a long deep breath and spend a while in silence rather than just browsing on you gadget since you don’t have anything else to do. The charge you save on your gadget battery also becomes considerable when it adds up to all gadget users
  • Planting vegetables trees at home, using pot instead of refrigerator for drinking water- this way electricity can be saved
  • Every community including offices should have an area and a day designated at least once in a year to encourage people to plant trees. I personally was a part of one such initiative in my current organization. It was really fun and encouraging to see the plant grow in front of you over years.
  • To separate the waste before we throw it in the dustbin for example if a paper and some raw garbage is thrown in different dustbins it will be helpful for easy recycling of the waste paper
  • Maintain your own vehicle with proper servicing to that it will reduce the pollution
  • A small effort from our part can be a great help in saving the earth. When we leave the office just turn off our systems — Shut Down n not leave it in a hibernated mood. Instead of throwing those small plated or cups on the roads, throw them in a dustbin … we can keep the place green n clean
  • Avoid printing balance statement after drawing money from ATMs
  • Everyone should be made aware of how valuable rainwater is and various techniques to conserve the same. Organizations, governments and individuals should foster the above idea in order to make it possible
Share your ideas with us.
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